Puja sister went to the United States back in 2002 with a suitcase along with a few hundred dollars with her. She was completely unaware of how she will survive in the most powerful country of the world, she started her journey with the name of Mahakaal and Murliwala, to whom she considers her parents; as she had lost her parents in a very early age, she held god’s fingers since then and followed where they took her. May be a lot of people will relate to her and many won’t because the feeling that the almighty is with you and that he is the one who is directing your life is very surreal and very few people in this world experience. Sister Puja is one of them, she faced a lot of difficulties and hardships in her life. She started her job as a baby sitter in the US and ever since she spent all these years in caregiving field. She was also a volunteer at Hindu temples and Gurudwara. Even after all the struggles that she went through, she had the zest to help others in any and every way possible.