Puja Sharma, Jhapa District Gauradaha Municipality Ward No. 8 (Currently in USA)


I was born in a poor family in this village and I remember sleeping on an empty stomach on the dusty and muddy floor. Even though God has helped me come this  far  with  his mercy and trust in me, I always have in my mind where I belonged to and remember all the struggles I have been through.. I deeply feel that it’s God’s order to instill this thought in me and I don’t want anyone in this village to sleep hungry. I will spend my entire life serving mankind and spreading this message of love, kindness and unity and if each one of us can contribute and start thinking for others; no one in this world would have to suffer from hunger.



I am very thankful to my nephew, brother and family for supporting this motive of mine and I am very much sure that with pure intentions everything is possible. God helps those who help others.


I do hope that you will also listen to my audio link about a BFM radio interview on

Prabhu Dham Seva Sadan.


-    Puja Sharma