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About Us

Prabhu Dham Sewa Sadan was created with a dream of sister “Puja” of simply helping others. Her dream was turned into a plan by her nephew “Niraj” which was then supported by the entire family. Along with Puja sister, the family had seen really hard times in their lives. That was the time when they knew the importance of food. No matter how rich or poor a person is, everyone needs food. For someone it’s a fuel to keep one alive and for someone it’s a luxury which they are privileged with. The world is still struggling with hunger. And this is a fight of Prabhu Dham Seva Sadan against hunger which starts with it’s own community. The plan is to reach out to more and more people who actually need help. It’s a process that’s happening and we firmly believe in it! Wonders happen with pure and noble thoughts! Prabhu Dham Sewa Sadan was originally proposed to be started on March 24, 2020 but due to COVID-19, the operation was unsuccessful. Recently, it was officially opened on March 24, 2021 and started with weekly free food service (bhandara) to everyone who comes and they are always welcomed here with love and respect. Prabhu Dham Sewa Sadan has a lot in their list which is mentioned in the services section of this webpage which is yet to be done. But as it was established with a pure thought of helping the needy ones and is dedicated to bring about a positive change in the society, we will get there slowly but surel

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Message from Board Members

I feel very much privileged to have supported and been there with my sister “Puja” in making her dream come true. I have entirely dedicated 4 years of my life in the construction and establishment of PDSS. I feel very proud to be in such a prestigious position of this organization as a President and would like to thank all the members of this organization. I solemnly pledge myself before god that till my last breathe, I will work for the service of mankind through this organization and add to the dignity of Prabhu Dham Sewa Sadan.

Ram Kumar Sharma President

I, myself being a social worker for my entire life, I feel very thankful to Puja sister and all the members of Prabhu Dham Sewa Sadan to elect me as a Vice-President which itself is a very dignified position. I am more than happy to take this responsibility with all my heart and I will fulfill my duties with the best of my capability to take the prestige of Prabhu Dham to a higher summit by being the voice of the voiceless.

REKHA ADHIKARI vice president

To give a live image to my sister’s dream, 5 years ago I quit a very rewarding job abroad and have dedicated my entire life for this organization and am very pleased to do so. I am very thankful to all the members for appointing me as a Secretary and I really appreciate the support of the local community as well as all the members in the completion of the registration process. I will always be there to fulfill my sister’s dream and aim for reaching out to more and more people by opening branches of the organization. I have taken an initiative to provide free tuition classes to hardworking underprivileged children between Standard 8 and 12. And I will always be there to manage Prabhu Dham and design plans to sustain it forever for the service of mankind.


I feel very overwhelmed to be able to support such a selfless act of my sister “Puja” and I’m also thankful to everyone who has assigned me as a Treasurer of this organization. Being a treasurer, I will take part in all the social, cultural, spiritual and other different activities being held in Prabhu Dham. I will continue to make more efforts in establishing this organization for generations to generations for the benefit of mankind.




I would like to express my gratitude to everyone of this organization for having me as a member and for giving me the opportunity to support sister Puja’s dream with the main message of “service to all mankind is a religion”. I will always be more than happy to spread the name and purpose of Prabhu Dham to more and more people, give my humble advice/suggestion for any event that takes place and I’m always open to contribute my time and efforts for this noble cause.


I feel very blessed and thankful for being appointed as a founding member of Prabhu Dham Seva Sadan. Being a healthcare worker, it’s my privilege to be able to provide 24 hour health access to the local community and I will be providing free general health check ups to anyone who comes to Prabhu Dham. It’s a blessing to serve the people and take part in increasing the glory of the organization through goodwill and pure intentions of community and nation development.