Prabhu  Dham  Seva  Sadan  has  a  small  temple and the deities in the temple are worshipped in the morning and evening with great devotion followed by aarti(hindu prayer for god). We are determined to preserve and grow the belief in people for HIndu Sanatan Dharma with an inner belief of “God is one”. We highly believe that all persons are equal regardless of caste, creed, gender, the religion they follow, etc. We have also organized a weekly activity of conducting a bhajan program on every Saturday and hearing  Hindu  scriptures  from  Gurus.  All  festivals  celebrated in Hindu nations are celebrated with joy and unity. Every year on March 24, we celebrate the inauguration of Prabhu Dham Seva Sadan as the birthday of God “Mahankaal” who is resided in the temple at PDSS.